Repairs to the Pond

April 22nd, 2011

Lindsay and her 1pm, Tuesday Pond Volunteers. Found in the mud: 1 lion (small plastic), 1 Gun (toy), 1 BMW Mini (see above), 1 Horse-shoe, 1 mobile phone.

Brighton City Parks have linked up with Miles Waterscapes of Bury St Edmunds to come up with an ingenious repair plan for our leaky pond which should see us through for a few years. Even better, the council has found some money to fund it!

A full pond this winter was due to a mains leak Photo:17/2/2011

The repair will bond a section of new Polyethylene liner to the good edge of the old Butyl liner which has become damaged around the Island. A protective layer of concrete bags will be placed on top.

Ranger Charlie and volunteers clear silt ready for repairs to start on the 3rd of May during the LAT 'Clean up, green up day' on 12th April. Photos: C.L.

Friends of Queens Park will repair the Island holes prior to the 3rd May.

We hope to do all this whilst keeping alive the millions of pond creatures which are still surviving in 3″ water at the southern end of the pond.