November 6th, 2010

A Letter from Sandra Magson, Chair of Friends of Queens Park

November 4th 2010

Brighton and Hove Council advised us today of its decision to amend the Dog Exclusion Order 2009 for Queens Park and thereby allowing for the reinstatement of the Dog Free Zone.

The Friends of Queens Park wish to thank all those who supported the campaign for their effort and commitment.

The petition secured 2035 names in favour of the reinstatement of the Dog Free Zone whilst the the opposing petition secured 333 signatures against.

The subsequent council consultation during August and September of this year attracted a further 390 postcard responses, 6 letters, 27 e-mails and 25 comments on the councils consultation portal in support of reinstatement. There were 3 e-mails and 11 comments against.

The campaign was supported by the 3 ward councilors for Queens Park, our local M.P. Simon Kirby, the local Schools and their Governors as well as park users, many of whom were dog owners.

The decision returns to Queens Park arrangements that had been in place since 1980 but which were lost in January 2009 when new dog control orders came into force.

Queens Park is a well used green space with a wide range of demands being made upon a relatively small area. This decision recognizes the need to strike a balance to meet the needs of all park users and is a sensible compromise.

What it is not, is an anti-dog decision. It allows for a part dog friendly and part dog free park: an arrangement that has a proven 30 year history of workability. Friends of Queens Park have always supported dog owners and their use of the dog friendly area on the north lawns.

In the years prior to January 2009, both dog owners and other park users respected the zonal arrangements regarding usage, which as a consequence became self-enforcing.   We hope when the revised rule come into force that all park users can work together so that this sense of community and compromise will again be achieved for the benefit of all

Sandra Magson

Chair, Friends of Queens Park







(1) That the Cabinet Member for Environment agrees to the amendment of the Dogs Exclusion (Brighton and Hove) Order 2009, for Queens Park resulting in no dogs (whether on a lead or otherwise) being permitted inside the fenced Southern Lawns area, the Quiet Garden, the Wild Garden, the cascade area, tennis courts and bowling green as set out on the map attached*.

(2) That the amended Dog Control Order comes into force on 1 January 2011.


There is a majority view for changing the current rules relating to dogs for Queens Park.  By the end of September 2010 those that have asked for change have submitted a 2035 signed petition along with 390 postcard responses, 33 letters/e-mails and 25 comments on the councils consultation portal.

Residents and park users that have requested the status quo remain have submitted a 333 signed petition, 3 letters/e-mails of support and 11 comments on the Councils consultation portal.