Ping Pong In The Park

July 16th, 2013

Ping! “it’s just for fun!”

PING!, Brighton’s summer festival of table tennis, is launching across Brighton & Hove on July 25th. The new Queen’s Park table tennis table has been chosen as one of 40 ‘host’ tables in parks and public places across the City.

A Ping! Masterclass will be held in Queens Park on Tuesday 13th August,  6-8pm. Do come along – it’s just for fun.

Ping! organisers tell us: “The sessions are fun, sociable and are about taking part. Table tennis is a great activity to keep mobile and active, the sessions also offer participants the opportunity to meet new people as well as improving your table tennis skills”

See full Ping! details here from Brighton & Hove City Council.

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419-232-Ping! Brighton - Some youngsters who had originally declined our initial offer to play but decided to anyway and ended up enjoying it photo-1

Ping! Coming to Queen's Park this summer

Ping! Coming to Queen’s Park this summer