FQP Supports Freshfield Road Traffic Petition

March 4th, 2015

The Friends of Queen’s Park committee unanimously supports the petition to introduce a pedestrian crossing on Freshfield Road between Queen’s Park Terrace and Cuthbert Road.

Freshfield Road

The site of a proposed pedestrian crossing on Freshfield Road

The ePetition was prompted by concern among parents at St Luke’s School, Queen’s Park Primary School and numerous pre-schools within walking distance of Freshfield Road.

Full details of the ePetition are available via the council website here.

“Currently there is no safe place to cross and no pedestrian crossing on Freshfield Road at all,” states the petition. “With hundreds of parents and children from Bakers Bottom and Craven Vale crossing Freshfield Road, everyday, the current island at the top of Cuthbert Road is completely inadequate for children and those with impaired mobility. Cars and the numerous lorries using the Freshfield Industrial Estate and the racecourse constantly travel along this busy road in excess of the current and unenforceble 20mph speed limit. It really is terrifying!”

Initiated by local resident Faye Bridgewater, the petition already has nearly 500 signatures, and will be presented to the Full Council meeting on the 26th March 2015.