Duck Pond Stand Off: Drugs Suspect Arrested On The Island

September 15th, 2015

Brighton Police arrested a suspected drug dealer on the island in Queens Park last night. According to a brief report by PC Jimmy Conway on Twitter, “the suspect decided to run across the pond to the small island, which was quickly surrounded. Not the smartest of moves…I don’t think he was doing a lot of thinking to be fair.”

Recovered drugs in Queens Park

Recovered drugs in Queens Park

The incident took place sometime in the evening of Monday 13 September. PC Conway later posted this comment: “After a (wet) foot pursuit ending in a standoff @ the duck pond , have 1 in for PWI [Possession With Intent] Class A [drugs]”

Brighton Police today informed Friends Of Queens Park that “police responded to reports of poss dealing. Male ran off dropping his bag that contained suspected class A drugs and … ran into the pond to escape. He didn’t, he got very wet and got arrested… suspected class A drugs found in his bag #KeepingQueensParkSafe”

The Brighton Police official twitter account later stated: “Great job by CRT officers in last night

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The island in the pond in Queens Park [see below] is just 10m long, and is home to a small gaggle of geese. PC Conway, a neighbourhood beat officer in Brighton & Hove and father of two was happy to confirm that “no ducks [were] harmed.”

The Queens Park Island during Volunteer Pond Clearing

The Queens Park Island during Volunteer Pond Clearing

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More to follow. If you saw the incident or have any news on this, please contact us on @FndsQueensPkBtn or via the FQP website. Thanks.