Anti-Social Behaviour: How You Can Help

May 1st, 2018

Council sources tell us: “The police are very statistically minded. The more you report, the more they react. So the more people in Queens Park report local disturbances (crimes, anti-social behaviour, drug issues etc) the more the police will be on hand to deal with the issue.”

So here is our concise reporting guide for Queens Park, with details of who to contact for specific issues. Your calls will be listened to and acted upon.

BHCC Concise reporting






•    Police- 999 if you see a crime being committed or 101 to log an incident or to report after the event.
•    Community safety casework team. Reporting anti-social behaviour or hate incidents in Brighton & Hove.  The service is staffed Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

With regards to the issues in Queen’s park, Jonathan Ridley from BHCC is managing the case and logging reported antisocial behaviour. His contact details are as follows:  phone 01273 294631:

•    City Clean
01273 292929  
City Clean will deal with the following types of issues:
Requesting street cleaning.
Reporting drug litter/ paraphernalia.
Reporting graffiti.
Reporting fly tipping.
Bench repairs and requests.
Rubbish collection enquiries – black box requests, missed collections etc.

•    City Parks
(01273) 29 2929
City parks have a remit to deal with issues in our public parks including unauthorised camping and problems in our parks. You will notice that the contact number is the same as City clean so issues of litter in the park could be reported on the same line.

•    Animal Welfare Animal Welfare – RSPCA, 0300 1234 999

•    Dog Fouling- Cityclean, 01273 292929

•    Lost or Found Dogs –
Animal Wardens, 01273 294266
•    Rough Sleeping
Reports can go to Community safety team( ) who will get in touch with local partner agencies (Equinox and Mungos)  
Alternatively Call 0300 500 0914 or use the StreetLink app to leave details. (national scheme)
Environmental Health 01273 294266, or email us at
Environmental Health will deal with
Car/ intruder alarms.
Noise from domestic or commercial premises, or outside events.
Smoke/ odour/ dust pollution.