Pond Volunteering Event: Sun 9 June

Posted on by Conrad Brunner
Friends of Queens Park will be hosting three volunteering events at the pond in the park, starting this Sunday 9 June, at 11am. Please join us!

Dates for volunteering events in the park:
Sunday 9th June,  11am.
Wednesday 12th June,  11am.
Wednesday 26th June,  11am.
Chris Lowe writes: “There will be work on the pond side making cage structures and lids and repairing the marginal planting beds as well as clearing some of the June leaf fall from the big Ilex tree.”
“In the pond there is work to do repairing some of the cages, reducing the height of some lily cages to look prettier and experimenting with design amendments to the cages where lilies are bursting out! Weather looks good for Sunday.”
Sessions start at 11am, with coffee and cake at 1pm.
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