Pond Maintenance: Latest News

Posted on by Conrad Brunner

Chris Lowe and Lindsay Cattanach are hosting volunteer events to improve the condition of our lovely pond. See the latest report of activities below. 2016-Algicide-Job-Done-1200pxweb

Next volunteer events:
Wednesday 18 May, 12 midday
Sunday 22 May, 11am

Chris writes: “We treated the pond with ‘Barley Straw Extract’ in a bid to control the excessive growth of Blanket weed (Filamentous Algae) now blighting the pond. Fifty litres of the solution were evenly distributed across our two million litre pond using marked out zones.

The algicide was diluted and then distributed using watering cans. Dispersal was achieved by the action of walking through the water.

Our calculations proved to be near spot-on as we ran out of Barley Straw Extract when we ran out of pond to treat. Result!

Huge thanks to our volunteers who as well as putting in a physically demanding stint were brilliant at improvisation and teamwork.

The team was: Lindsay our Park Ranger, Chris from Friends of Queens Park, Andrew, Alex, Kevin, Mark and Ben.

The treatment will prevent further growth but will not affect existing Algae.  Benefits will not therefore become apparent for a couple of months. A further but much lesser treatment will be needed next year.”

Algicide-2016-Ben-Lanes-1200pxweb Diluting-Algcide-1000pxweb supply-boat-2016-algicide-1200pxweb

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