Outdoor Theatre: Mogs And Frogs Sept 26/27

September 11th, 2020

Our friends Fiona Bruce and Owen Aaronovitch are putting on a show! They will perform Mogs And Frogs And Doggy Tales, their 50min kids show shows at the Royal Spa Nursery, at these dates and times:

Sat 26th September: 2pm
Sat 26th September: 4pm

Sunday 27th September: 2pm
Sunday 27th September: 4pm

The show is an inventive, fast-paced and humorous re-working of three folk-tales, with live music and lots of silly hats.

The audience are asked to sit in groups of no more than six.

Tickets are £5 each for children and £5 for adults. Click here for tickets:

Owen Aaronovitch introducing Shakespeare In The Park at the Royal Spa Theatre

Fiona writes: “There hasn’t been much live theatre/performance over the past few months so hopefully it’ll be welcome. For us it’s partly a defiant stand against the lack of acting work out there! And partly a way of keeping dementia at bay! We’ve been rehearsing in our front room recently because we couldn’t find anywhere to rehearse due to Covid restrictions.”