Cascade Clear Up on Sunday

March 29th, 2015

Moss Kuyateh, Lindsay Cattenach, Mark Wright and Eddie Adamson

A small but effective group of volunteers showed up on Sunday – despite appalling weather – to work on the cascade. This is part of FQP’s newly launched volunteer drive, featuring a full schedule of volunteer activities for the next few months. See full list here.

The task was to give the cascade a spring clean, clearing sticks, rubbish and silt from the base, allowing a cleaner flow of water. “This helps the general biodiversity of the cascade area, keeping the water clean,” says our Park Ranger Lindsay Cattanach.


Lindsay Cattenach [QP Park Ranger] and Eddie Adamson, volunteer.

Many thanks to Eddie Adamson, Moss Kuyateh, Isaac Brunner and Mark Wright for their considerable time and effort.

FQP’s Chris Lowe recently found a letter from the council written in 1975 insisting that cascade clearance was not their responsibility, and should be performed by local volunteers. Well, we got there – 40 years later.

The next volunteering event is scheduled for Wednesday 8 April, 1pm at the pond. Please contact Chris Lowe on 07761674827, [email protected] if you wish to attend.

Finally, special thanks to Julia Behrens and her team of friends and helpers who spent last Sunday tidying up the raised herb beds in the Wild Garden. This is good for Queen’s Park and all who visit her!


Mark Wright


Chris Lowe [right]